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United States
:: Music I mess with
:: Story/comic I make
(Most everything in my gallery here directly relates to this)

:: DeviantART (obviously)
:: Facebook
:: Gmail
:: Skype
:: MySpace
:: Most anything else

- My ID (webcam) left was painted by psychodan
- It's accurate enough that no one on Facebook noticed.
- Learned moar from him than school about Art.
- I intend to never post a picture of myself here.
- I have a MFA (Masters) in photography.
- I won't post real-world Photography either.
- My cousin Luvdovy will, HIRE HER!!!
- You can't afford me anyway, seriously!
- I have a Power Glove fashion accessory.
- I'm the same height as Wolverine.
- I always have my backpack.
- People ignore me when I say I play guitar...
- They are further shocked when they find out I'm good at it.
- I love Eurobeat, Classic Rock, Trance, and other variations of the above.
- My Fav' groups are Journey, Dragonforce, and 30 Seconds To Mars!
- I know what Cuda is, and how to use it.
- One of my jobs is a pawnbroker!
- I prefer small intimate groups to crowds
- I'm good at avoiding the topic at hand.
- I'm a /b/tard who's never really visited 4chan.
- I believe in "The Rules Of The itnernets"
- I don't watch TV, but memorize a lot of movies
- I know more about pro wrestling than most boys.
- I'm in love. Truly completely utterly and at times almost tragically oh my god so in love that after several years I still don't know what to do with myself. ...I hope you can all experience this, It's a crime that you might nawt...
- If I haven't responded to your wall post (and it was something other than "thanks for the watch/fav") ....wait longer.
- I miss the last version I had of this description. it was more fun, but didn't scare off the meanies well enough. welcome to the new harshness. =/

Running gags you'll likely hear interacting with me...
- I love Duct Tape, Skittles and Pandas!
- I fear/loathe spiders, bugs, and pug drool.
- I have a thing for rainbow colors and cute girls.
- I chew skittles constantly.
- If my bag of skittles is stolen, I pull another from my backpack.
- Someone tried this 15 times in a row, but gave up.
- My last name was Burnett, I have a slight case of Pyromania...
- I'm secretly a 90 year old man in his underwear.
- I've had an unnatural obsession with Batman since 1987.
- It Baled out a while in 2005
- I'm easily distracted by shineys!
- I actually DID lose my watch... did you steal it?!
- I suffer from extreme arachnophobia.
- I'm collecting locks of hair from pretty girls to splice DNA and create the ultimate female who will frequently be mistaken for a shiney!
- Honest to god I will break your heart, Tear you to pieces and rip you apart.
- Thank you, Sir.
- So what if you're a girl!???! =O

..and to repeat myself, PLEASE DON'T THANK ME FOR FAVS OR WATCHES</b>. (see above)

..You ignored that, didn't you?</b>. *repeats again* PLEASE DON'T THANK ME FOR FAVS OR WATCHES</b>.
Hecterian is a birdman. throw bird seed at him. and chase him off your porch with a flyswatter. it worked for psychodan.

songlist on random, add "in my pants". I'm NAWT tagging people though.

1.- what kind of love in my pants
2.- an eye for an eye in my pants
3.- play with me in my pants
4.- give it to me good in my pants
5.- dark chest of wonders in my pants
6.- the last journey home in my pants
7.- all the clowns in my pants
8.- sometimes it's hard (to be a woman) in my pants
9.- I want you in my pants
10.- I wanna be your underwear in my pants
11.- Max Don't have Sex with your Ex in my pants
12.- I'll be in my pants

....well now... this IS journal-worthy.
  • Listening to:
  • Reading: startracers
  • Watching: shooting stars
  • Playing: rockstar
  • Eating: starbits
  • Drinking: starshine

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